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You go for a home improvement project because you:

a) Desperately want to up the ante of your “taste and coolness” factor
b) Seriously aim to make your colleagues salivate over your so-called humble, hard-earned abode
c) Immensely need something to take your mind off life’s toughest turn like a breakup, loss of a loved one or a frustration in your career
d) Simply want to get the hell out of being bored
e) All of the above

Unfortunately, the glossy promise of do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) home improvement projects usually turn to monstrous maladies that are not only overly painful to the eyes, but burn holes in your pocket, too. Before you put your lumberjack mode on, remember these appalling realities that were brought about by failing to seek budge-proof design consultation which sometimes comes with zero cost that will save you and your house from being a butt of people’s nasty jokes.

The Inspiration: A porch that sends off a warm welcome to guests and strangers.


Failure of Consultation: A weak and obviously hazardous way to welcome guests and strangers that can post as an unwelcoming threat to those who enter your home.

The Inspiration: A conversation-worthy staircase that houses a space for books and trinkets from your travel. Staircases now have more use than usual as they can breathe life to a boring and forgotten space.

Failure of Consultation: A stairway to catastrophe with haphazardly constructed steps. Stairways that are forced in a property are not only painful to the eye as they are also downgrade the value of a property.

The Inspiration: A western wall art with a graffiti feel that instantly gives a culture kick to any bare wall. Asian art also lends a philosophical and spiritual vibe.

Failure of Consultation: Comic crappy doodle on the wall. Frustrated artists tend to make their spaces confusing and appalling as they let their hands freely distort any canvass they can get hold of.

The Inspiration: The Red brick trick.

Veranda Awnings Glass Nationwide Home Innovations

Failure of Consultation: red brick gone extremely wrong are bricks that are drawn on a wall. Sadly, homeowners settle for poorly executed home improvement as they go for the traditional feel of their properties.

The Inspiration: An aesthetically-appealing garage that adds value to your property.

Garage Automatic Nationwide Home Innovations

Failure of Consultation: An unsecured wasted space called garage. Garages are usually given less, if not the least priority these days. More often than not, garages tend to be shabby when they can be secure spaces for cars and even an extension.

The Inspiration: A modern garden with a definitely spiky edge and style. Incorporating more unusual, attention-worthy plant is a good way to make a traditional garden look more contemporary. More importantly, newer varieties of plants are typically drought-resistant and are easier to grow too.

Failure of Consultation:  Unfriendly patches of green not meant for strolling (but surely fit for scaring). Overgrown garden finds spell doom for any gardener wanting to keep a manicured lawn. Any visitor or potential buyer would definitely wince at the sight of an over-the-top garden gone wrong.

The Inspiration: A bachelor’s sexy black and white flat. One can never go wrong with using black and white to polish a small or big space. Apart from keeping a minimalist look, these two colors lends a sense of balance and harmony.

Failure of Consultation: Dizzying details channelling an MTV from the 80′s. Checkered patterns from the ceiling down to the floors could turn your dream space to a disastrous space. Black and white must not come in obvious patterns for this combination to pull that distinctive look.

The Inspiration: Picturesque play place for the kids and the kids-at-heart. A backyard playground lends nostalgia and a stream of being at peace while children have a good time among swings and slides. Adults could spend their afternoon under an awning or a veranda as they watch over kids who could get caught up at play.

Failure of Consultation: No-brainer kids’ corner with a spot for grownups gossiping on a breezy afternoon. Backyards typically house remnants from the house, thus making it a storage space for things in the house that are no longer needed. While kids could still play in such space, adults may find this cluttered space an irritating space, thus spending less time outside.

The Inspiration: Rustic, Party-ready Patio.

Patio Awnings Nationwide Innovations

Failure of Consultation: Rusted pieces and totally mismanaged patio. A patio that is left unattended is most likely to fade and eventually become painful to the eye and pocket, too. Since outdoor spaces add more value to a property, an overlooked patio means less chances of getting more value for your home.

There you have it! Remember fun can mean a hell of a lot of pun when done wrongly. Home improvement projects are meant to be done with caution through top-of-the-line consultation to avoid frustration and property value deterioration. 

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