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Paul McCartney. John Lennon. Ringo Starr. George Harrison.

Their iconic names are fitting for the iconic music they made in the 60s up to the 70s. They have proven their worth and timelessness all throughout these years as their music still rings through the ears of today’s generation.

But being in the music industry, with all the price of fame and wealth, had been a difficult journey, even for these brilliant and talented icons. A journey like theirs is what companies in the home improvement industry also take, especially those that have lasted over 25 years in the business.

A Walk down Abbey Road and Through Garage Doors

It may sound surprising, a local home improvement company from Dorset comparing themselves with the iconic lads from Liverpool. But it’s not with the persons that the comparisons lie, but with the struggles faced by each other.

The music industry is a dog-eat-dog world, before and now. Competition is fierce and only the most unique and the most innovative survive, but only conditionally. It seems a laughable concept to some but the same goes with the home improvement industry. Competition is also fierce. Companies are selling basically the same products. Only those that prove theirs is better and a more unique garage door than the others survive.

Vertico Garage Door

But with today’s digital era, the classic music of The Beatles faces fiercer competitions with the current trends of dubstep and electronic. On the other hand, the traditional home improvement industry is facing a new battle ground of digital marketing. But like the music of those four lads, we’re all getting there and we’re all still standing due to a number of reasons.

Timeless and Classic Melodies and Designs

The Beatles’ musical styles varied—early rock & roll, home-grown skiffle, psychedelic rocket. Ask any fan to describe their tones and they’ll give almost the same response—words can’t describe it, just listen to it. Their musicality was so unique and inspiring that it’s still quite popular even today. It’s one of those ingenious designs that stand the test of time. It’s similar to seemingly simple home additions.

Verandas and awnings have a rich history, dating back to early 1700s and even the time of the ancients respectively. They also stood the test of time with their offer of a classic look and functionality about the home. Although they now have contemporary versions, a traditional veranda and a striped awning will always be known as the “cultural design icons” that every homeowner would love to have.

Working in Harmony

The simplest explanation about the success of the Beatles is how well the four lads “complement” each other—Paul’s melodies and John’s words, George’s guitar and Ringo’s drums, and vice versa. Their integration was spotless and their pairings still cannot be matched.

Much like them, a home improvement company needs a formula like that to stand up against competition. And harmony is exactly what the homeowners need. A simple home improvement product wouldn’t help any house if it does not blend well. This is where bespoke designs come in. Much like The Beatle’s innovation in music, a company needs to have their own innovation as well. Designs can only do so much, but if it’s specifically design for a particular house, it takes the quality to a higher level.

Unknowingly yet Creatively Witty

The Beatles weren’t just into music. They did a lot of things under the spotlight that still made the crowds go crazy. Particularly, this:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And, yes, that’s John playing Thisbe.

That certainly captured new audiences who are fans of Shakespeare and others who weren’t into the Beatlemania yet.

It’s a simple trick to get the attention of new customers and audiences. Home improvement companies can do creative tactics and witty spins on seemingly mundane pieces of steel, glass, or even polycarbonate. Creativity can be in different ways and it’s not just sticking googly eyes on poles (although it’s still very amusing when done).

The Long and Winding Road

The overall struggles of The Beatles as a band have been worth it. Their music has transcended genres and generations. The digital age actually helped the new generation embrace their tunes and melodies more. Technology helped their music endure.

“I still love those guys. The Beatles are over, but John, Paul, George and Ringo go on.”

 -John Lennon, 1980

Perhaps it’s not just the music that endured.

Similarly, home improvement companies need to make sure their products are as enduring as decades-long rhythms. Simple promises and good copywriting wouldn’t just cut it. That’s why a guarantee of a 5 year warranty is very much enough. Most companies offer less than that timeframe. It certainly gives an edge against competitors and it also assures more satisfied customers. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.

Sliding Glass Wall

Being in the business for a long time is no joke. It takes sheer talent and ingenuity to stay this long and have an enduring reputation that comes with the name or the brand. It also takes courage and passion to be of service. To present the world something worthwhile and to make other people smile.

The 25 years this Dorset-based company experienced was full of ups and downs but it also shaped the company to who they are today. It certainly helped them know what their customers require.

If there’s a need to inquire more about timeless designs of verandas, awnings, and garage doors, or perhaps to ask how they managed to stay afloat all these years, they’re just a simple email away.

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