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If there was something you can rely on to stick with you through thick and thin, that would be your house. And given the mad weather we’ve been having lately, it definitely deserves more than just a pat on the back for a job well done protecting you from the elements. If your property is due for some home improvement, then a glass veranda should definitely be on your list. Traditional and contemporary glass verandas are not just beautiful additions to any home but they also bump up a property’s functionality by increasing what you can within a certain space. A lot of options are available to you but there is one thing you should focus on to help you choose: your house.

traditional veranda

Traditional glass verandas extend outdoor living spaces

A blast from the past
Traditional homes are basically old houses built way before many of us were born. Like a lot of properties, they reflect the period in which they were built in, showcasing specific architectural trends in place at the time. Because of this, it is generally easy to determine what kind of home you have. You just have to know what to look for to pinpoint what kind of property you’re looking at. A big part of the beauty that traditional homes possess is due to the fact that they are richly steeped in history. A lot of these homes have been around for centuries now and a great deal has happened since their foundations were laid. They’re imbued with so much character so a lot of homeowners feel conflicted about getting additional work done. After all, it would be such a shame to taint the identity of a house that has seen more than anyone you know.

patio veranda

Simple and elegant glass veranda

But glass veranda installation, for instance, need not dampen the beauty of a traditional home. In fact, getting a traditional veranda is a way to enhance the beauty of your property, adding to its charm so you don’t only retain its endearing qualities but make it even better. Not to mention that your needs today are different from what the first homeowners were dealing with so additional work on a traditional home may be a necessity. Don’t let the fact that you have a Tudor or Victorian house get in the way of making the most out of your property. Times change, right? Still, we’re not saying that you completely disregard the core architecture of your home just to make room for the new. Instead, build upon it. Nationwide traditional glass verandas are bespoke so they can be designed to meet your every requirement and preference. This means your Tudor house remains a Tudor, except it’s so much more functional now thanks to a glass veranda roof.

nationwide traditional veranda

A quick home improvement that is both beautiful and functional

What about contemporary houses?
Contemporary houses are relatively new compared to traditional homes so they will have improved upon many of the shortcomings of their older counterparts. Made to adapt to homeowners’ needs, contemporary houses are more flexible than traditional homes so many times they are easier to work with. But while these houses pay more attention to function, they are not without beautiful forms, drawing inspiration from the past to come up with designs that cannot be tied down to a specific period of time. Contemporary houses have their own identity but like other properties they will benefit from improvements. And how do you improve a contemporary house? This is where contemporary verandas come in.

nationwide veranda

More than just protection from the elements

Identifying your home
The general idea is that you should match traditional houses with traditional verandas and contemporary houses with contemporary glass verandas. However, you don’t have to be limited to this. If you want your traditional house to have a contemporary glass canopy, you are more than free to ask us to do that for you. To help you decide whether to go the way of a traditional glass veranda or contemporary one, it’s a good idea to first identify what kind of property you have. As a quick guide, consider the following:

  1. Traditional houses are homes typically built before 1965. You’ll see many of these along the streets of England, sporting architectural nuances that were specific to the time they were built. For example, homes built during the time of the Tudors were usually half timbered, fitted with wooden frames and used daub and wattle (wet clay and small sticks) to fill the spaces. If your home resembles this kind of structure, it is very likely that you are living in a Tudor house.
  2. If you have a square, symmetrical house, with paired chimneys, pillars in front, sash windows, a panelled door in the centre, and tiled hipped roofs, you’re most likely looking at a Georgian house.
  3. When Queen Victoria was on the throne, it coincided with the birth of the railway system and new processes of manufacturing materials. Bricks were also being mass produced so for the first time it was possible for all sorts of properties to be made from materials that were not necessarily native to the region where a property was located. Unfortunately, this made identifying a Victorian house harder. So what sets a Victorian house apart? Bay windows, iron railings, brickwork patterns, stained glass doors and windows, slate roofs, and chimneys. Nationwide has Victorian verandas to perfectly match this historic home.
  4. For contemporary houses, or homes built after 1965, some of the features you should look for are strong geometric shapes; large randomly placed windows; distinctive rooflines; natural building materials; extensive focus on natural light; and flexible layouts. More modern influences would have made their way to homes by then so these should be evident in your property if you have a contemporary house.
victorian veranda

Your home, only better

Homes and verandas
Identifying the kind of home you have is important because this will allow you to assess which of the traditional and contemporary glass canopies would suit your property best. Nationwide has a range of traditional and contemporary veranda designs available, and you can have these tweaked to meet your requirements and preferences so take advantage of that. More than just a mere shelter, your home has been witness to so many things you have been through. Let it do even more for you by getting a glass veranda.

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