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Drinking is good until you’ve had too much of it and you start walking and acting wonkily. It starts with simple “I love you’s” to your drinking buddies to downright doing really stupid things due to your diminished capacity to make rational choices.

We’re saying she’s drunk to be polite.

In the alcohol’s defence, it’s not entirely certain if the girl was drinking something alcoholic for her diminished capacity. But, aside from a serious eye twitch it induces to its viewers, this video raises one serious question that we here at Nationwide are compelled to answer: Can awnings be used as chairs?

Sure, our awnings are state of the art but before we give you a concrete answer, we want to make sure what we say isn’t a cock-and-bull story. We’ve compiled a list of what awnings are proven to do:

List of Things Awnings Can Do

1. Save the lives of children.
2. Act as an umbrella.
3. Be a stylish addition to your home.
4. Be an outstanding and well-behaved exterior home design.
5. Be a shade when you’re having tea outside.
6. Be a shade and a spectator when you’re having a beer drinking contest with your old chum. (Note: Can also be vomit resistant)
7. Protect you and your windows from an unpredictably cold weather.
8. Protect you and your windows from the heat and the rays of the sun.
9. Protect you and your windows from the British rains.
10. Create a happy ambience outdoors, at the very least, for the people who don’t use their common sense.

Awnings aren’t just ordinary things you put on windows. They’re more than that. They’re for many things, heroic things even. But we all agree here that their purpose far exceeds being a mere chair.

Going back to the cringe-worthy video of the girl and the awning, the awning shown there did look weak. From the looks of it, she would’ve had a better chance of avoiding humiliation if she sat on something sturdier. As for the answer to the question raised, while a fabric may be capable of supporting a weight of a person, we strongly suggest not using it as a stool. So, no, awnings aren’t made for sitting on, they are, however, made to provide shade and be a lovely decor.

But we, of course, understand our customers’ needs. We’d rather hear what you have to say than us doing the talking. Therefore, we might just consider patenting an awning design that can also be used as a bed, if you insist (just kidding).

Until then, you might want to check our current awning designs that would satisfy your needs for outdoor form and function. If interested in asking more details about what other silly or serious things awnings can do, you may contact us. If those aren’t exactly your cup of tea then perhaps a winter sale can capture your fancy? Our products are 40% off for this cold season. For more information on this, you may want a copy of our splendid and absolutely free brochure.

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