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Britain may be experiencing a nationwide trend of smaller home structures these past few years, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), but that doesn’t mean having a larger space can already be considered a luxury. You can easily improve the space around your home with ingenious designs and without the need to hire contractors and do major renovations.

Having elegant glass verandas are one of the smart designs that can effectively add stylish space to your home and at the same time can help you make the most of your outdoors. Verandas have the same purpose of conservatories, to add space and to give comfort. But unlike conservatories, you won’t be limited by the enclosed spaces or have heat troubles during summer months with verandas.

simple conservatory with glass veranda

A simplified conservatory, but better

Outdoor-Indoor Living Defined

Imagine having barbecues outdoors even when it’s raining. You don’t need to worry about the barbie or your food from being soaked in the rain. You also don’t need to think about having a grill indoors without any of your furniture smelling like smoke. You can enjoy your barbecue under the protection of a veranda.

Glass verandas can give you much needed shelter and comfort by giving your home an extension that’s flexible and economical. You can have the freedom to make the most out of your outdoors. You can breathe in the fresh air, relax and admire your garden, and dine out with your family without worrying about the weather. Without walls enclosing it, you can get a better and clearer view of your garden.

glass veranda from the garden

Make full use of your space and enjoy what your garden can offer

Verandas are the perfect home improvement solution that can give you a perfect outdoor-indoor experience. You can have all the comforts of indoor living while at the same time can take in all the sceneries that the outdoors gives you. Who wouldn’t want sit comfortably on a sofa next to a coffee table where your laptop can rest, all the while watching as drops of rain fall down in front of you? It’s a calming scene. You can smell the scent of rain off fresh grass and flowers while you sit snugly and warmly, with the help of an outdoor heater. You and your belongings are perfectly protected by the shade provided by a glass veranda. You can also get a good view of the rainbow in the sky after the rain passes.

In Between the Traditional and the Contemporary

Nationwide verandas aren’t just designed for comfort and function. They’re also designed to blend stylishly to your home to give it a look of grandeur and sophistication. You can have a choice between traditional designs or contemporary styles of verandas.

Traditional home verandas come in many shapes and forms, all exquisitely guaranteed to give a touch of classic design to your home. You can choose from Lattice styled or Victorian styled verandas in hundreds of colour choices to perfectly match the aesthetics of your house. The verandas can be designed to look as if it’s part of the original architecture.

green latticed styled veranda

A green latticed styled veranda

Latticed style verandas possess the timeless crisscrossed patterns of latticework, a design aspect reminiscent of lavish Indian architecture. On the other hand, Victorian styled verandas, as its name suggest, is inspired by Victorian architecture. Victorian columns usually have thinner body, with a stouter lower part for better support. The top extends towards ornamental arches that act as further support for the roof.

victorian glass veranda

A Victorian styled column

While traditional verandas give homage to the classics, contemporary veranda designs focus on modernity. The 21st century has turned up a lot of new design features for the modern British home. Contemporary verandas can give justice to this modernity while still offering the usual advantages of verandas.

They are best paired with conservatory roof blinds, automatic sun screens or sliding glass doors. This allows you to freely change the ambiance, from an enclosed space for better weather protection or a more exposed space for better air flow. The sliding glass doors can still give your space the flexibility that conservatories cannot while giving added protection all year round.

sliding glass doors on veranda

Added sliding glass doors can be added protection

But you may ask yourself this, how can you know which veranda design can suit your home best?

The Benefits of Bespoke

The choice between a traditional design and a contemporary style usually depends on the style of your home. But it’s not just about pairing traditional homes with traditional verandas and modern homes with contemporary verandas.

Nationwide Glass Verandas are bespoke. Their designs are tailored to your requirements and preferences and they’re not limited to sticking to just the traditional or just the contemporary. Traditional designs can be mixed with contemporary function and vice versa. You can opt for a traditional veranda with automated zip screens for added weather protection; or a contemporary styled veranda roof with traditional columns. But even if you’re still unclear, you don’t have to worry as a simple design consultation can help you decide. This wide array of options fully maximises what you can get from verandas in terms of elegance, functionality, and comfort.

custom made veranda

Bespoke Veranda

Quality Veranda Design for a Better Lifestyle

But of course, verandas for your home don’t just stop at those. They should also be of quality to make sure that their design and function can last for years without wear and tear. Nationwide verandas are made from high quality materials to ensure endurance and strength. Laminated safety glasses are used for the roofs. Aluminium is used for the structure so that the verandas stay in top condition for years, making them better choices instead of plain wooden verandas. You can choose a wide array of colours to suit your preference. Powder coatings are used for the veranda’s colours instead of liquid paint so that they have better texture, better endurance and better quality. Powder coatings are also safer as they don’t contain the harmful chemicals that liquid paints posses. As a result, the colour of your veranda can last longer, would not chip away easily, and would stay looking new even after a while.

freestanding veranda

An example of a freestanding veranda

Another advantage that verandas have against conservatories is that they’re easier to set up. Installation can be on or over balconies, in front of your home or at your back garden. The verandas can be of any size, shape or length, depending on what your property requires. It can be fitted anywhere and can also be freestanding, in case you want a garden veranda. Freestanding verandas make full use of outdoor spaces and can add better aesthetics than glass verandas attached to an outer wall. The installation process is quick and easy. It can be from 4 hours to one day, usually depending on the structure of the glass veranda and other conditions such as the location.

Installation and design consultation are done by trained experts. Nationwide has been providing home improvement solutions for over 25 years so practicality and superior quality is guaranteed. They focus on what you need and want and can even give a helping hand even after installation is done.

Glass verandas are certainly a very practical investment for your home. Not only can it provide a bigger and better space for your home, but it can also help increase your property’s value and attractiveness.

So why not request a free brochure today to help you get started on having that outdoor-indoor living experience soon? You’ll feel better knowing you’re not part of the growing British population content with having only a small space around their homes. You deserve better.

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Glass verandas provide the homeowner with a view of their lawns and gardens but with glass partitions they are shielded from the more distracting elements of nature. They added a decorative aspect that allows you enjoy your space with a variety of different designs to fit your style.

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