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Beautiful Custom Made retractable Awnings From Nationwide Home Innovations

If you are looking to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor living, maybe to indulge in a little alfresco dining, or simply create a cool shady retreat to enjoy on the hottest of days, then why not consider a luxury Retractable Awning from Nationwide?

With an emphasis on supplying the finest in outdoor living home innovations, Nationwide utilise top quality aluminium and only market leading electronics combined with the highest quality fabrics boasting maximum UV protection. Combined with a bespoke design service, unrivalled customer care and after-sales service, Nationwide can provide you with a product that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Don't just take our word for it - we have thousands of happy Awning customers across the UK and some have been kind enough to leave reviews for all to see.

Yellow Patio Awnings

Nationwide Retractable Awnings

Nationwide have been installing outdoor living products for over 30 years. Our emphasis is on providing a custom, top quality product with exceptional service to match.

Our Retractable Awnings are custom made, using high grade aluminium, to suit the exact requirements of the customer. Choose from a range of designs, including semi and full cassette models, plus hundreds of colour choices.

We are proud to have over 50,000 satisfied customers across the UK.

Aluminium Awning On Brackets

Difficult Installations

Thanks to Our specialist design and installation service we are often able to install our products where others cannot.

Using bespoke framework we can overcome many obstacles. It is common for us to install our Awnings on extensions, bungalows, park homes and we overcome many obstructions such as pipework or uneven walls.

Why Choose An Awning From Nationwide?

Sun Awning Overlooking Lake

Why Choose A Sun Awning?

At the press of a remote control, transform your outdoor space into a cool and shady retreat. Perfect for unwinding on a hot summer's day or dining alfresco!

Another press of the button fully retracts the aluminium Awning back into the discreet cassette - something you wouldn't notice was even there - keeping it in pristine condition.

Awnings are not only great for relaxing under but they also keep your home cool and shaded and protect your internal furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun.

Awning Under Low Soffit

All of our Awning cassettes are made using a high-quality aluminium which is extremely strong, does not rust and is virtually maintenance free.

We use only the highest quality awning fabric. This provides the maximum UV protection, is impervious to rot and mildew, provides maximum colour fastness and generally stays looking fantastic year after year

All of our motors and electronics are provided my Somfy who have been known as market leaders in this field for many years.

Awning With Drop Down Valance

We have on offer several different designs of aluminium Awnings. As well as the varying widths and projections, some can provide other benefits.

Variable Valances can provide extra shade and privacy as well as additional cooling and UV protection.

Choosing from a huge range of either standard Awning fabric or our Climate Control Screens fabric, you can lower the valance anywhere up to 1.7m.

We provide options for both manually operated valances and remote-controlled options.

Awning With Integral Lights

Integral lighting within the aluminium Awning arms is a popular choice for those looking to enjoy those summer days late into the evening.

Other designs, such as Cross Arm Awnings, allow large projections when only a narrow width on the wall is possible.

We can present all available options to you on your free design consultation.

Awning With Outdoor Heater

If you are looking to stay outdoors for longer, we can provide a range of heating and lighting options to enhance your Awning even further.

Using a remote control, you can activate your heater and instantly feel the heat.

Designed to be as efficient as possible for outside use, these heaters heat the object rather than the air. So, you can stay warm even with a breeze!

Awning With Striped Fabric

For your added protection and peace of mind, we provide a free of charge Wind Sensor to all of our Awning installations.

Using a small dial on the underside of the sensor, the desired wind threshold can be adjusted. If the wind reaches that threshold, the Awning will automatically retract.

As an optional extra, you can upgrade the sensor to a Sun & Wind Sensor. There is a second dial that allows a threshold for the light levels. If you enable automatic mode from your remote control, the Awning will automatically extend when the light reaches your desired threshold.

Optimal Designs

Nationwide provide a range of Awning designs to suit different applications.

Whether you are looking to provide room shade, sit outdoors or have a party outdoors - there is a suitable Awning for you.

Two Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings (also known as Window Sun Canopies) are specifically designed to provide room shade.

When not in use the fabric is retracted into a compact and discreet cassette.

Using the remote control, the arms drop down as the Awning extends. This is usually up to 90 degrees but can optionally be manufactured to accommodate up to 125 degrees.

You can stop the Awning anywhere between fully open and closed to control the desired level of shade.

Green Patio Awning

Patio Awnings

Patio Awnings are designed for creating large areas of shade for both sitting under and keeping the home cool.

Generally, Patio Awnings are mounted to the wall of a house though we often use bespoke framework wherever a flat wall is not present.

We can provide a range of Patio Canopy solutions. Options include integral lighting, variable valances and much more.

Freestanding Awning On Wheels

Freestanding Awnings

Whether you opt for a fixed Freestanding Awning or our Awning with integrated wheels, the principle is the same. Huge areas of shade and shelter can be created at the press of a button.

This model is often seen as a commercial Awning solution due to the popularity in schools, bars and restaurants though it is becoming more popular in domestic environments as outdoor living becomes ever more popular.

Read more about our Freestanding Awnings Here

Rain Awning

Rain Awnings

The Rain Awning has a similar function to the Patio Awning though, thanks to the fixed frame system, it can be manufactured to larger sizes and withstand harsher weather conditions.

Our Tumba Rain Awning allows maximum water run off (into an integrated drainage system) with only an 8-degree pitch.

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Conservatory Awning

Conservatory Awnings

For those looking to shade a conservatory then we have a dedicated product that provides excellent and efficient shading.

Using a cassette and frame system mounted to the roof plus utilising a slightly different type of fabric to that of a standard Awning, you can cut out the vast majority of the heat without cutting out the light.

Read more about our Exterior Conservatory Roof Blinds Here

Veranda With Underside Blind

Glass Verandas With Underside Awnings

If you are looking for a more permanent approach to shading and indeed outdoor living then consider a Veranda with the optional Underside Blind. The roof will keep you protected from the majority of the weather and the blind can keep you cool on those hotter days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size Awning do I need?

In most instances the bigger the better. The sun is not only at different positions during the day but also varies a lot throughout the different seasons. Therefore, a larger Awning would be required if you need all year shade than if you just require shade during the summer.

Generally, an Awning should be a minimum of 250mm (and ideally 500mm) wider than the door or window you are trying to shade.

For sitting under the Awning then you need to consider how the aspect of your property relates to the sun, how high the Awning will be and the pitch of the blind. We would always suggest a minimum projection of 3m for sitting under.

Standard and variable valances can have a big impact to the level of shade, especially in south facing gardens. Our advisors can provide a range of suitable options to maximise the shade within your space.

Can you install an Awning to a bungalow?

Thanks to our specialist design team we often install our Awnings where others cannot. Using bespoke brackets (known in some instances as bungalow brackets) and framework we engineer a solution to overcome most obstacles. It is extremely common for us to install to bungalows!

Can you attach an Awning to a conservatory?

Conservatories are not usually strong enough to deal with the immense forces an Awning will put on fixing points. However, we regularly install our Awnings in front of conservatories using bespoke framework, sunk in the ground, making it completely independent from the conservatory yet still looking like it is a part of it.

If you are looking for shade for your conservatory roof then it is far better to consider Exterior Conservatory Blinds that are specifically designed for this purpose and cuts the heat of the conservatory significantly without impacting the light levels.

Do I need planning permission for a Patio Awning?

In almost all domestic/residential settings, planning permission is not required for an Awning. Of course, there are always exceptions (for example listed buildings or conservation areas) so if you are unsure then it is best to check but we can say it is extremely rare to require it.

Can I install an Awning with a pipe or obstruction in the way?

As each installation is unique to you, we can tailor solutions to overcome obstacles. Whether it is utilising bespoke brackets and framework, we can usually come with up with a suitable solution.

How long does it take to install an Awning?

From point of order to installation can take between two and eight weeks depending on what kind of design you choose from and how bespoke the installation is.

The actual installation time generally takes between two hours to one day depending on the complexity of the installation. The vast majority of our Awnings are installed within three hours.

Your Nationwide Journey:

  • Design consultation

    Our designer will visit your home and guide you through the range of products, designs and installation possibilities. You will see a range of samples, swatches and images

  • Technical Survey

    Upon placing an order our Technical Surveyor will visit to take the final measurements and run through any further questions.

  • Manufacture

    Manufacture will commence with many of our products being manufactured from our Dorset based factory.

  • Installation

    Our expert installation teams will bring your Patio Awning in their Nationwide vehicle and install it - often within a day.

  • Lifetime Aftersales

    Product questions or technical support? We are here to help for the lifetime of your Patio Awning

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