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Quality Custom Made Glass Verandas From Nationwide Home Innovations

Enhance your outdoor living space with our range of Glass Verandas. Fully customise your garden extension by implementing optional Sliding Glass Walls, Outdoor Heating, Lighting & Shading add-ons creating the ideal patio enclosure

We provide an extensive range of Verandas in both modern and traditional designs. Each product is made to measure to fulfil your exact requirements. Our specialist design & installation service allows us to overcome most obstacles allowing our products to be installed in the majority of instances.

All of our Verandas are manufactured using only the highest quality materials to ensure lifetime enjoyment from your product.

Classic Glass Veranda

Nationwide Glass Verandas

Nationwide have been installing high quality outdoor living products for over 30 years.

Our range of glass and polycarbonate Veranda systems allow you to create the perfect garden extension - combining the enjoyment of being outdoors with the comfort of being indoors.

Each glass canopy is custom made to suit the exact requirements of the customer. Our specialist installation service enables us to install our Glass Verandas where others are unable.

We are proud to have over 50,000 satisfied customers across the UK.

Why Choose a Glass Veranda From Nationwide?

Moden Veranda in Ivory

Why Choose A Glass Veranda?

A garden Veranda allows you to enjoy outdoor living no matter what the weather is doing. Come rain or shine you can enjoy the outdoors.

Fully optimise your Glass Veranda with remote-controlled Underside Blinds for the hotter days and efficient electric Patio Heaters to keep warm during the cooler evenings.

The Contemporary Glass Veranda in this image has the option to project up to a massive 6m and, as with all our Verandas, the width is limitless.

Moden Anthracite Veranda

Outdoor Living In Any Weather

A Veranda is like a glass extension to your home. The perfect combined benefits of being outdoors and indoors at the same time. Create the ideal seating area, alfresco dining area or any other combination you can dream up to enjoy being outside more often.

Our range of styles is extensive. Whether you are looking for a modern Veranda design or something more traditional, we provide a range of options that will suit your property.

Whilst we can coat our Verandas in any RAL colour, we have some popular standard colours for our modern and contemporary designs. In this photo we have an anthracite Veranda with a textured finish. An extremely popular colour choice and seeing it you can appreciate why!

Veranda or Verandah? Both spellings are correct though "Veranda" is the more commonly used spelling in modern days. According to Wikipedia's Veranda information the Oxford English Dictionary suggests "Verandah" as simply a variant.

Veranda On A Bungalow

Verandas On Bungalows

It is very common with properties in the UK, to not have sufficient or adequate wall space to mount any type of canopy or pergola onto it. This can be due to low level soffits - commonly found on bungalows and single storey extensions, or obstructions such as soil pipes, drain pipes and uneven walls. We can even provide freestanding solutions for instances such as timber buildings or park homes to keep the structure totally independent from the building.

This Veranda is installed on a bespoke framework, allowing it to sit in front of the gutter. It would otherwise be impossible to install a product like this on this property.

Classic Style Veranda

Thanks to our specialist design service, we can customise our installations to overcome the majority of obstacles.

Our designers can provide a range of solutions when they visit for the initial free design consultation. Should you decide to place an order our technical surveyor will follow up and fully design the bespoke installation method which will then be passed to our fabrication departments to commence manufacture.


An installation we recently carried out including two Awnings, a Veranda and an Underglass Blind

Sliding Glass Walls

From Roof To Room

A range of add-ons can be installed to all of our Garden Canopies, either at the same time as installation or retrospectively.

Fixed and sliding glass walls allow you to partially or fully enclose your Veranda creating a garden glass room extension you can enjoy all year round.

Remote-controlled retractable Sun Screens are a popular option to provide privacy, reduce heat, keep out unwanted insects and provide excellent UV protection.

Underside Blind On Veranda

Added Veranda Shade

One of our most popular add-ons is the Veranda Underside Blind. At the press of a button, you can create a cool and shady retreat under your Veranda to enjoy on the hottest of days.

Each blind is made using an extensive choice of the highest quality fabric that we utilise in all of our Awnings. These fabrics provide maximum UV protection, utilise self-cleaning technology and remain looking pristine for many years.

The discreet aluminium frame and cassette is powder-coated to blend with your Veranda.

Traditional Glass Verandas

Traditional Designs

In addition to our range of Contemporary Verandas we also provide Classic & Traditional Glass Verandas for the more traditional style of property.

Choose from a variety of designs and customisation options to provide the perfect outdoor living experience without detracting from the character of the property.

Our Glass Veranda Showroom

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Saturday 09:30 - 14:30 (appointment recommended)
Appointments outside these hours available on request

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glass Veranda?

A Glass Veranda is a lean-to type roof structure manufactured using an aluminium frame and laminated safety glass for the roof (though often polycarbonate can be used for a lower cost option). Generally the roof is supported by two or more posts or columns at the front. Verandas can be either mounted directly to to the wall of your property, or where this is not possible, mounted on custom designed framework.

The purpose of a Veranda is to provide the ability to enjoy your garden or outdoor space all year round whilst being protected from the weather.

What are the benefits of a Veranda?

The main benefits of owning a Veranda is to increase your outdoor living area and allowing you to be outside even when the weather turns against you. Combined with underside sun protection blinds, sliding & fixed glass walls, heating and lighting and roller Climate Control Screens, you can create a garden room that allows you to be outside all year round.

Can I install a Veranda to a bungalow?

Thanks to our specialist design team we often install our Canopies where others cannot. Using bespoke brackets and framework we engineer a solution to overcome most obstacles. It is extremely common for us to install to bungalows!

I don't have a suitable wall - can I still have a Veranda installed?

In most cases - yes! - we provide a range of freestanding options using bespoke framework to make the product completely independent from the building. We regularly install our products to, for example, static and park homes.

Do I need planning permission for a Veranda?

It is very uncommon to require planning permission for a Veranda. However, there are exceptions. The main times that planning permission is required is when you are installing to a listed building, the structure is larger than 50% of the land the original property covers or if it is more than 3m in height.

If in doubt then it can pay to check with your local authority. The term "Veranda" is very ambiguous and can relate to a lot of other types of products unrelated to ours. It is always best to refer to it as a "Glass Canopy" or "Lean-to Roof" when making any enquiries.

I have a pipe/obstruction in the way - can you help?

As each installation is unique to you, we can tailor solutions to overcome obstacles. Whether it is utilising bespoke framework or implementing glass cut outs in the glass, we can usually come with up with a suitable solution.

Are Verandas easy to maintain?

Generally our products require very little maintenance. Aluminium is a very durable and rust-free material. It is recommended to periodically wipe down the frame, especially in coastal locations. Other than occasionally cleaning the glass there is no other regular maintenance to worry about.

Can Verandas be customised to fit specific requirements?

Yes. Nationwide provide a bespoke installation service. Each of our products is custom made to suit your requirements. We provide several different designs of product that are capable of a range of different sizes. We can work around odd wall shapes and obstacles such as pipework.

As well as a range of standard colours, we can coat your canopy in any RAL colour allowing it to effortlessly blend with your property.

How long does it take to install a Glass Veranda?

Most of our installations are completed within just one day. Larger or more complex structures may take two or more days to install depending on what is required.

From point of order to installation is generally anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the type of structure you require and how customised it is.

All of our installations are carried out by our own teams of installers who have many years of experience in installing our products.

Can Verandas be used all year round?

Glass Verandas can be used throughout the year. It is common for those who want to extend their outdoor living to enhance their product further by utilising glass walls for the sides and front to partially or fully enclose the structure.

Combine this with outdoor heating and lights and you can enjoy the outdoors no matter what time of year and without concern about what the weather is doing.

How much does a Glass Veranda cost?

As no two installation are the same, we prefer to provide a free in house design service where we can check exactly what is involved and provide an accurate costing for all of the available options that we can offer.

We are pleased to be able to provide a range of finance options for our products including interest free credit allowing you to easily spread the payments.

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Your Nationwide Journey:

  • Design consultation

    Our designer will visit your home and guide you through the range of products, designs and installation possibilities. You will see a range of samples, swatches and images

  • Technical Survey

    Upon placing an order our Technical Surveyor will visit to take the final measurements and run through any further questions.

  • Manufacture

    Manufacture will commence with many of our outdoor living products being made from our Dorset based factory.

  • Installation

    Our expert installation teams will bring your completed product in their Nationwide vehicle and install it - often within a day.

  • Lifetime Aftersales

    Product questions or technical support? We are here to help for the lifetime of your product.

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